So I’ve recently become extremely obsessed with mom jeans. I’m sure when you hear the phrase, “mom jeans,” you probably have a flashback to the ’90s when your mom used to wear those really awful jeans that just didn’t fit right anywhere. However, not all mom jeans are created equal. I’ve actually found a few pairs that fit great in all the right places and are extremely comfortable to wear.  When you find a good pair they hold everything in and give your booty a nice little boost, and as a mother of two I must admit this is a priority for me when it comes to jeans. The first time I wore them I got the most compliments I think I have ever received in a pair of jeans (so you know that sold me). The great thing about them is not only are they comfortable but they are very versatile! You can pair them with doc martens or sneakers for a more casual look or pair them with a heeled bootie or pump for a dressier look. If  you haven’t jumped on the Mom Jean wagon yet I suggest you do soon. Below I posted some of my favorite ones that I have personally tried and can vouch for their comfort level!

Mom Jeans

Topshop jeans

RE/DONE high-waisted jeans

Miss Sixty destroyed jeans
$160 –
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