So I am definitely not a workout enthusiast, however I do workout. I like to stay fit and working out honestly gives me more energy, but its not always easy to fit in between work, kids, hubby, etc. Its usually the first thing to go for me. However, I am pledging as of December 1st to make more of an effort to be regular with my workouts and to eat more healthy. I feel like starting on December 1st as opposed to January 1st is really going to give me an edge over those New Years Resolutioners (if thats a word) LOL.

(Sidenote: One of my favorite sites for workout wear is They have the cutest workout wear I’ve found anywhere! The outfit Im wearing in these pics is from there and it is by Beach Riot. Super cute!!)
Anyways, one of the main things that make it difficult as a mother to get a work out in is of course the baby. So I asked my trainer, Calvin Culver (instagram: @bodybycalvin_) to give me some tips on easy at home workouts where you can incorporate your baby (how fun) and easy health tips so I could share them with you guys. So here goes!
Easy At Home Workout ideas –
1. Front Squats holding baby. Squat and press the baby up as you come up. (15 reps. 3 times)
2. Planks are an easy ab workout for home. (Try to hold for 1 minute. 3 times)
3. Wall sits with the baby sitting on your knees for extra weight. (Hold for 45 seconds. 3 times)
4. Hip Thrusters are another fun way to incorporate baby. Lay on your back and put baby on your stomach for added weight. Your baby will think its fun and its a great booty workout. (15 reps. 3 times)
5. For your arms hold the baby by their armpits and do curls. (15 reps. 3 times)
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